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An in-depth discussion and showcase about some of my projects.

Evolution of NextStage: The Goods

This is the second story about the work I've done for NextStage Evolution. For the first part see "Evolution of NextStage: An Icon".

The crew over at NextStage has, and will, write software to study and interpolate the data in almost anything. From picking the best resumés based on key words, tracking who's trending in politics during an election year and prediction the outcome, to telling you where to place ads on your site and the size they should be to maximize revenue. But you can't just sell it with words, it needs something to help identify it.

Enter, the NextStage Evolution icons. They're not icons in the general sense that you'll see it on your desktop. They're used for the store on their website, social media outlets and presentations. And there are a lot of them at almost 30 so far.

The Pre-Planning

When I started designing them I wanted to approach it so that they were easy to create and yet had some consistency to them. So I thought that creating a stage set inside a box would yield some creative results down the line. After all, some of these bits of software are so specific that the icon literally spells out what they'd do. Why not make it like a diorama?

John Scullin